About Me

Well you’ve came to my about me so I would assume that you would like to know some things about me. Going through my life, I was raised from age 0-5 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I don’t really remember anything of my life at that time. From Kindergarten to 11th grade I have been in School in Ohio. Learning is something I am very grateful for and I think everyone should be thankful for having opportunities to learn. I think that in life something very important to understand is that anything is really possible it just matters how hard you work. I have always been the “First in last out” type of person. I strive to be the best person I can be and to spread happiness every single day I can. I do a lot of things, from scuba diving to gaming I am a very busy person. My entire life I have been going to Fort Lauderdale at any free point I have. I was always in love with the ocean which is what got be into snorkeling and diving. A big part of my life other than the ocean has been video games. Video games is a way of expressing yourself. I have always been good at video games. I just have that “Natural talent”. In 2019 I met my mentor Niko Tsrlis and he really did show me a passion that I never found. From there I really got into eSports and I started to learn about management/marketing in eSports. This has led me to this point where I manage a professional team. At this point in life my biggest advice is to really follow your passion because if you work hard enough anything can happen.