School Projects

This is my page for school projects that I do over the course of my high school life.

Synnovation Lab Summer Project

  • What are your interests: The Ocean, Gaming, Learning anything (but Geometry), People, Nature, Sports, Soccer
  • What Motivates me to succeed: The thing that motivates me to succeed the most is sometimes having a reward or a “sense” of accomplishment
  • What Goals do I have in Life: I defiantly want to drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari at one point and have a couple dogs. I want to help clean up the beaches and try to make my “mark” on the world as a positive thing.
  • What sort of person do I want to be: I want to be a very positive person and look at everything as positive as they can be.
  • Describe my Village: A group of funny and exciting people that have the same energy as me.
  • What are my strengths: My strengths are my people skills and being able to work in a group really well.
  • Personality test:
  • High Five:*
  • My Goals for all classes: For all classes I want to finish everything in time and actually try to enjoy learning and challenge my teachers with good questions.

    My end goals and areas of interest: I am really excited for this school year because I am taking classes I really enjoy like algebra instead of geometry and chemistry instead of bio. I am interested in the online learning due to the freedom we get.